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General queries

What is ZENE?

ZENE is your key to the world of Connected Cars. ZENE is a plug-and-play device that plugs in your car’s OBD port, fetches information from your car’s computers, does data crunching and provides you insights into your car performance, your driving behavior and a lot more.

ZENE will do all this without you even moving a finger.

Why should I get ZENE?

To live in the future of Connected Cars.Today.

Please see the features that ZENE supports to get a clear idea.

Does it work with my car?

Most modern cars manufactured in India after 2008 have the OBD port. That said many imported cars prior to 2008 have this port. So if your car is OBD-II compliant, it must have an OBD port where ZENE can be plugged.

Does it work with my phone?

ZENE comes with a compatible Android App (Play Store Link), so if you own an Android phone that is 4.0+ ZENE app will work just fine.

Hmm, what do I need to get started?

Head on to Buy Link and purchase ZENE Device. We will send you the device ASAP (you will find more details in the e-mail once you make a purchase). Once you receive ZENE, plug it in your car’s OBD port, download our Android App and you are all set.

You might have already noticed that we are giving awesome discounts to our early customers.

What help do I need to install ZENE in my car?

Call your 5 year old kid to do it for you. Just kidding! We just mean that it is fairly simple to plug ZENE in your car. It is like plugging a pen-drive in your computer. Just find the OBD port in your car, plug ZENE. Turn-on the ignition key. Done!

What are key functionalities that ZENE supports?

Here is something that ZENE can do for you:

1. Live tracking of your car
2. Tracking car's health and Diagnostic Trouble Codes
3. Smart Trip logs
4. Low battery alerts
5. Accident or Crash alerts
6. Speeding or Geo-zone alert
7. Unauthorized car movement or Glass-break alert
8. CNG leakage or KMs to empty alert
9. Real-time feedback on your driving behavior
10. Driving Score and Social connect
Please visit Our TOUR page for further details.
Does connecting the device void the warranty of my car?

No, it doesn’t. ZENE doesn’t change anything in your car or impacts any of car’s internal systems. ZENE simply fetches data from car’s computers, but it doesn’t modify anything related to car’s functioning or computers. It is like buying an after-market stereo system and plugging that in your car.

Please feel free to send us an email at if you want additional information.

How are personal data and data from my car protected? Do you share my data with other companies?

We will never share your personal data. Even our engineers don’t have access to your personal data. We use data to provide you insights that are relevant to you. We might use data (Anonymous) to understand overall driving of all ZENE connected cars. But, rest assured, we won’t share your data with marketers or anyone who could be of trouble.

That said if you opt-in for our service network, we will send your car’s performance data to a service center of your choice before you visit the center. It will not only save time, but also provide your car best of service.

Furthermore, we have taken steps to secure data at transmission level - just to give you an idea about security measures:

  • communication encryption: AES-128bit, DES-128-bit

I like it, but I don’t think I need it. Anything else?

Our bad! We couldn’t convince you to be a part of ZENE family. Please connect with us on Twitter, FB to stay updated and you might just change your mind.

Please feel free to call one of our founders at +91-97173 90066 if you want to discuss. Even better, come over to our Office and take a peek at behind-the-scene action. A lot can happen over a coffee!

I live in Turkey. Would you ship ZENE outside India?

We would love to, but in the next few months. We are working to build partnerships across the globe and will soon be shipping ZENE outside India. Thanks much for your interest.

That said, we would love to hear from your and know your thoughts.

App related queries

Where do I get the app from?

We will be updating Google Play Store link soon for the Android App

How do I login to the app?

Please use the Device Code that you have received with the device and login details to register. You can use any of the following to register ZENE to our network.

1. Facebook Login
2. Google Login
3. Your email and contact details
Can I access data through your website as well?

Very soon! We know you all want it. We are working to show it in a usable format that is not redundant from what you already know. We want your ZENE Dashboard to be relevant and easy to use.That said, we will be obliged if you want to send us your suggestions at

What is a fault code?

It is part of carís on-board diagnostic system that manages and monitors carís performance based on parameters such as ignition timing, coolant temperature, fuel mixture, engine RPM and others. There are pre-configured parameters that the system checks carís performance against. When it finds a deviation or a problem, it sets a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) for the situation and triggers Check Engine light or malfunction indicator lamp (MIL).

ZENE can guide about the potential problem and provide actionable insights on your car maintenance.

I don’t understand the fault codes the app is showing?

There are 100s of fault codes and there is a possibility that we missed to provide a generic description to some. Please send us a note at along with Fault Code and we will get back to you ASAP. Alterntively, you can call us at +91-97173 90066.

How do I set emergency contact numbers? And how does that work?

You can do that in ZENE App's Settings screen. Your registered number is set as Primary by default. You can add 4 additional numbers that you want to get contacted in case of emergency.

How does emergency contact work?

ZENE alerts your family and friends if your car meets with an accident. You can choose up to five phone numbers that ZENE will send alerts to in case of an accident.

ZENE will send accident location that can be used directly on Google Maps. We are also working to provide nearby hospital and emergency response teamís information along with the Alert.

App doesn’t seem to be working for me. What should I do?

Gosh! While we have tested and have been using it on daily basis, it is possible that something is not working correctly for you. Please email us the information at and we will look at it on priority.

I hate it. I don’t think you guys get it.

Man! We must have done something majorly wrong. We would never want our customers to feel that way. Please provide your contact number and we will call you to get things straightened out or explain on priority. You can also call us at +91-97173 90066 to vent out.

Do I get real-time data about car’s performance?

You can see real-time data about your car's location, economy, distance travelled etc on ZENE App. ZENE also sends notifications on your phone if it detects any problem with the car.

Not just that, ZENE will also alert you in case you are crossing certain thresholds (such as Speed, Harsh Braking or Acceleration) while driving. If you like, you can disable these audible alerts.

Can I disable audible alerts?

Yes! Okay, here is something that you need to know.

ZENE provides you real-time feedback on your driving behaviour so that you get best performance from your car. But if you don't like these alerts, you can do either or both of the following:

1. Disable Device audible alerts: If you select this option, ZENE will not Beep even if you cross the threshold. While we dont' recommend you to disable audible alerts, we respect your decision not to receive these alerts while driving. You will still receive alerts in your App. 
2. Disable App alerts: If you select this option, you will not receive these alerts in your phone app. You will still receive audible alerts from the device.

If you disable both, you will not receive these alerts either from Device or App.

Please use Settings screen in ZENE App to use this feature

Data related queries

How does ZENE help if my car meets with an accident?

ZENE gives you an option to add up to 5 numbers for accident emergency. If your car meets with an accident, we will send notifications to these 5 numbers along with GPS coordinates for you/contact to reach/send help to exact location of accident.

We will also try to contact you over phone to check if everything has been taken care of.

What do I do if I receive a crash alert?

You can do the following:

a) Call the person driving the car and see if he/she responds.

b) If not, please tap the location that you have received on your phone (as SMS) and follow directions on Google Maps to reach the spot.

c) We will try to connect to the nearest hospital. Please call us at +91-97173-90066

If you have ZENE app installed and you are connected to the car in question (accident), you can view car’s current location or its movement to be sure.

Do I need to remove ZENE if I don’t use my car of an extended period of time?

You really don’t have to. We have designed it in a way that it doesn’t draw much power from your car’s battery. It typically takes four to six months for a parked car's battery to drain completely. And ZENE doesn't affect that a bit.

That said you should keep ZENE in your car if you want to keep an eye of any unauthorized opening, glass-break or movement while you are out or not using the car.

Some of my trip data seem to be missing. What should I do?

That shouldn’t have happened. Excuse us for that. Is it possible that you might have accidently merged a trip? Please send us some information about the trip: date, location, approx. time for us to fetch it for you in our database. Email us at

Rest assured we will try to ensure that you get all your data in place.

How do I find directions and use maps?

ZENE uses Google Maps to show directions. If you have used Google Maps before, you will feel at home with ZENE maps interface. If not, just go to the maps screen by tapping maps icon on the Menu screen and provide From and To addresses for ZENE to guide the way for you.

What more, ZENE will tell you the approximate time, fuel that your car will consume along with approx. cost to reach your destination. Ain’t that exciting?

I am a Data Scientist, you know a hardcore one!, and it looks like there is something missing.

Awesome! We would love to have your feedback incorporated. Let’s talk.

If you are around NCR, please come over to our office and let’s chat. Alternatively, let’s connect over the phone and discuss.

Your data scare me. Can you make it easier for me?

Don’t worry. Please leave the grunt work to us.

We have been working hard to make data representation as simple as possible so that you directly get actionable insights. While you can fetch raw data from ZENE, our app and web-dashboard breaks that into easily understandable format.

Who pays for the data that ZENE uses?

We will cover all data charges for one year. There will be nominal monthly charge from the second year. That said, we are evaluating the ways to ensure that you don't have to pay for data charges. Ever!

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