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As a generalization, the better the quality of the hard armor used is the better it is for home defense applications and personal protection. This applies to vests, hard armor backpacks, and other items that are designed for close-quarter battle. Although there are a few exceptions, for the most part the better the quality of the vest or backpack armor, the better the option for personal defense.

Today there are two major types of hard armor plates that are used for personal protection, and these are the soft and hard vests. The soft vest is generally smaller, lighter, and more maneuverable than the hard vests. The one thing the hard vests tend to lack is the range of motion options that are available with the softer vests, and although they are slightly more expensive they tend to last longer and offer better protection against larger caliber bullets. One of the major issues with soft plates is that they do not have the capacity to stop high velocity rounds (for example, handgun ammo). In this case it is generally better to purchase bulletproof vest that can stop other caliber ammo.

With regards to rifles, the issue is a bit more complicated. There are currently three different types of rifles that are available for purchase, including pump rifles, standard rifles, and hand gun rifles. Rifles can generally be categorized as soft armor, medium armor, and hard armor. For this reason, if you plan on purchasing tactical gear for personal protection, it is best to get one of the three varieties that fits your needs.