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A tactop plate carrier (also known as a plate carrier or back pack armor unit) is an specially designed kind of vests meant for fast and quick deployment by military and police personnel. They are most often used in counterinsurgency campaigns as light personal body armor, which is the equivalent to body armor designed specifically for use against high caliber firearms. Although it may sound futuristic to some, there have been many advances in technology over the past decade that have made it possible for tactical vests like the ones used by the Special Forces, to be used by ordinary people.

A tactop plate carrier is a vest that is designed to carry small packs containing gun magazines, bulletproof vests, and other equipment necessary for immediate field operation. They are similar to the body armors used by soldiers and police officers, but instead being lightweight vests with added features such as bullet resistant Kevlar lining, padded shoulders, adjustable straps, and other features (click here). These vests are usually worn on the wearer’s chest or abdomen, with adjustable vests that can be changed to accommodate the wearer’s height and body weight. They are usually made of nylon or polyester mesh fabric with steel reinforcement and ballistics gel lining to help secure them.

The armor system of these vests is similar to that of the original vest worn by the Special Forces. In other words, all units of the Special Forces carry this type of vests, and they are the standard armor system employed by members of the force. Although they were originally designed for quick deployment, they are now used for a variety of other purposes. Today, they can be seen on individuals ranging from college student hikers, to members of law enforcement teams, to members of the armed forces.