Some delays are inevitable, some make for a better beginning.

We know that you all have been waiting for us to start shipping ZENE. We are as eager as you are! While the first production lot comes out of testing, we wanted to give you a quick update on exciting stuff happening at ZENE.

Sanjeev, our Head of Technology, spent the last few days working closely with our manufacturing partner to iron out some last minute issues. And the results have been great! You must see it to believe the quality of manufacturing that we could get done right here in India.

While our front-end team is giving final touches to ZENE App, our back-end team is working hard to ensure that the system is scalable and secure to meet real-time requirements when ZENE hits the street.

Here is the glimpse from ZENE’s first batch production run:

From the very first day, we have been committed to deliver a product that adds significant value to our customers. Whether it is for ZENE Smart or Fit, we strive to making the right impact.

And this is just a start.

Thanks for all your support. You are the fuel.

On to the final production run!


Smart Car. Smarter You.

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