Carpooling has lately been the talk of the town. It is the new guilt trip that we all want to take. While it is nothing new, but somehow it sounds that something novel is happening. Something is changing in the way transportation is perceived by each one of us.

But are we doing it right when we pool our a ride with a friend or colleague? Are we getting a fair share?

Many argued that carpooling is destined to failure (Here) and that it is not for India (Here). But we have seen this happening right here, for decades, in a most organised way that one could imagine. Yes, there were no phone apps to connect you to your driving partner, but there was always a way to make a ride happen.


And the transaction was mostly “what you feel like giving for the trip”. That was the crude way of dealing with business and was not meant for the sophisticated ones who would rather hail a cab.

Enter Carpooling 1.0, where all the apprehensions are promised to be taken care of by a phone application – ones that are marketed by the likes of BlaBlaCar, UberPool, OlaShare, Orahi and others.

They all provided an easy way for consumers to step from ground zero and feel carpooling first-hand. That was a big Step! It takes a great deal to give a comfort feel to a consumer that she will be fine (or even better off) if she opts for the service.

There is a certain trust factor already built in for these providers and it will only get better with time.

However, there are certain aspects that didn’t take any leap of faith and have stayed true to the traditional grounds. Consider this:

Per KM fare for a rental car used to be Rs. 24, Ola and Uber brought it down to Rs. 8, Carpool reduced that further to Rs. 3.5 

That sounds good, alright, and there are significant justifications built into using those numbers. But is that right?

Enter Carpooling 2.0. Nah! we are not getting into carpooling. We don’t intend to as we love the players that we already there in the market. We just thought that there is a better way as to how the fare is calculated. We want to remove any second-guessing out of the equation.

Enter ZENE, the world of Smart Cars!

ZENE can tell you in real-time as to how much you are spending on fuel, what you spent during the trip or a small hop. And the best part is that it is dynamic, based on driving conditions, type of car you drive, location (States you pass-by), impacted by the number of passengers you have in the car, weather (yeah!) and a lot more.

We can say that with confidence because we are not second-guessing there. We are calculating that based on the actual fuel being used by your car for the ride and mapping that against the efficiency that your car’s engine could pull in.

Leave the hard-work to us, you will just see a number there (in INR!).

We just think that Carpooling should get personalised. And get better.  That’s it. Done.

Happy Driving.

Smart Car.

Carpooling 2.0

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