When we say that only 30% of out-of-warranty cars go back to dealership attached service stations, then one must wonder that people are finding easier ways to get their cars serviced. Or that they are maintaining their cars so well that they don’t need to bother about taking it to a service station.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Most of us either follow the gut in choosing the service station or drop the car at the first available mechanic and pray for the best.

There has to be a better way. Something that comes naturally and takes hassle out of you going to a service station, figuring out what to do.

How many of us like to go to a service station and deal with mechanics who would rather fix the engine than talk to you? And how many times do you just roll your head and accept what the mechanic says?

Some might just save the hassle and go to an attached service station.

We think that we have two ways of dealing with it. First, you get your hands dirty and learn tricks of the trade. Second, you leave the hard work to us and just think about what you are going to do with that extra time at hand.

First off, let’s get you started so that you don’t make mistakes while dropping your car for service. Following list might look simple, but you would be surprised to know that the majority of us fall short of avoiding these mistakes.

1. Not knowing the exact problem while going to a workshop

This may sound obvious, but we usually head to a service station with a vague problem statement. But is there an easy way to know the exact problem? Well, yes and no! A lot of sensor based problems can be detected by OBD-II device such as ZENE. Other problems that are related to mechanical functioning or body of car need to be diagnosed by a mechanic.

That said, we seldom have time to research and then contact the service station.

2. Not giving enough information about the problem

Believe me when I say that it is not counter-intuitive to the earlier point. Mechanic is your car’s doctor. More information he has about the problem, better he will be able to guide you about the diagnosis. You may be vague in providing the information, but an expert can comprehend and pin-point the cause. And you may avoid multiple trips to get ‘that’ issue fixed.

Information such as historical service issues, suggestions that you given during last service, but ones that you didn’t get fixed. A failing part might not be a part of the problem. For example, heating problem might be linked to a leaked coolant, but the real cause may be a broken gasket.

3. Always looking for a quick service

We all are guilty of doing this. We always want a quick fix until we get hit hard in the face. This problem is so acute that even service centers would oblige knowing that you would be coming back soon. A small noise from tyre might not just be a loose screw, but a bigger problem with hub failing.

One important aspect is that you should understand is the warranty that service center provides for a particular service. That will not only add to the credibility, but also that the problem will be fixed with best intentions.

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4. Failing regular maintenance for the car

Another mistake that many car owners commit is failing to have their cars regularly serviced. Contrary to popular belief, you may actually save money by servicing your car regularly for you can avoid common repair and replacement costs.

Failing to regularly service oil changes, tyre rotation and inflation, filter replacement may likely end up with heavy repair and replacements costs.

5. Choosing oil price over quality

Your car manufacturer suggests the grade and type of oil that you should use. Grade is expressed in terms of 5W-20 or 10W-40 and engine design guides the properties required for proper engine protection.Type is Conventional, Synthetic Blend or Full Synthetic.

The best bet is to follow manufacturer’s guidance or upgrade rather than skimping on a few extra bucks.

6. Always looking for new mechanics

Oh! Wanderlust.

This is true for most of us because we don’t keep a log of historical services and problems we had fixed. Keeping a family doctor who knows the history might be a better way, but most of us don’t have that luxury.

The real reason for this to happen is that we generally don’t find a mechanic who we can trust without being extra cautious. Thus we, usually, don’t spend a high amount during repairs (even if necessary). We are not looking for a better bargain, but for someone who we can trust with our car.

ZENE Fit takes these issues head-on. We have partnered with best service stations that provide reliable and cost-effective service for your car. Not only do we keep a regular check on your car’s performance, but we also keep a log of services, comments and feedback that mechanic has given for your car’s service.

We are a bridge between you and the best mechanics out there. You can be relaxed in the luxury of your home and we will take care of servicing and working with the service centers.

You can rely on us. We have been here long, and we are here for a long run.

Stay Fit.

Avoid these 6 mistakes while giving your car for service


Smart Car. Smarter You.

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  1. wow amazing post.The key points you mentioned here related to maintenance of car is really awesome.Checking all fluid levels,changing oil and of course the regular service of the car which is necessary to maintain our vehicle.Thank you for the information.

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